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My Homelab


From top to bottom:

Patch panel - I wired some of the rooms in my house with ethernet and this is where I terminate them. The ports from the back of the devices also terminate at the patch panel.

HP 1820G Switch - This is a 24 port Gigabit switch that also supports VLANS. The terminated connections from the patch panel go into here (for neatness and aesthetics). I have 3 VLANS: one is for all wireless devices in the house, the second is for all wired devices and the lab, and the third one is for management of the switch.

Router - This is a custom built router that I did recently. It is running PFSense for the OS which is basically a slightly modified version of FreeBSD. PFSense is a fantastic piece of software and it gives me lots of enterprise features all for free. Specs for this build are below.

Fileserver - This is my custom build NAS fileserver. Its running Debian Linux and has 4 x 4TB disks in a RAIDZ2 ZFS storage array which gives me roughly 7TB of raw storage. I dont need a ton of space, but its nice to have a network storage share that everyone can access. I have my printer set up to send scanned documents straight to the share which is handy. Specs for this build are below.

Proxmox Server - This is a Sunfire x4170 1U server that I use to host many virtual machines using the hypervisor called Proxmox. I used this server to create my virtual Windows environment. Specs for this system are below.

CyberPower Surge Protector - My rackmounted surge protector with 12 outlets on it. All the lab equipment is plugged into this.


Router Build 2020

Motherboard: ASrock J4105M

CPU: Intel J4105 1.5GHz

RAM: Crucial 8GB DDR4 2133MHz

PSU: Antec Truepower 650W

Storage: Samsung 850 EVO 256GB SSD 2.5"

PCIe NIC: Intel Quad ports

Case: Rosewill RSV-Z2600

Case Fans: 2 x Noctua 80mm

router build

Fileserver Build 2020

Motherboard: Asus H270M-Plus

CPU: Intel i5-7400 3.00GHz

RAM: Crucial 16GB DDR4 2133MHz

PSU: Seasonic Focus GX550 550W

Storage (OS): 128GB M.2 SSD

Storage (Array): 4 x 4TB HDDs

PCIe HBA: Dell PERC H310 flashed into IT mode

Case: Rosewill RSV-L4500

Case Fans: 2 x Noctua 80mm & 5 x Arctic 120mm

file server build

Proxmox Server (Sunfire X4170)

CPU: 2 x Intel X5570

RAM: 76GB DDR3 1333MHz

PSU: 2 x 750W Power Supplies

Storage: 8 x 500GB HDDs 2.5"

Sunfire X4170